Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Friendship, even I suck at it sometimes.

This is my public agknowledgment of some of my faults. Also it's somewhat of a public apology.

I realized that I tend to get caught up in my own world, and actually I can be quite selfish at times with my time. I go through all of this stuff in my brain and get all preoccupied. I don't do this on purpose with the intent to blow anyone off, or seem as if they don't matter. After I do this, I feel so incredibly guilty, and ashamed.

Paloma, Happy Anniversary. I did read your draft blog, though I never did tell you what I thought or added any notes of my own. I'm so sorry, I was not being a good friend flaking out on your important project. I feel absolutely horrible about it. The only excuse I have, and it's just not a good one .... is that I am dealing with some issues and I kind of crawled inside my shell not noticing I wasn't exactly being a model best friend. I feel like I neglected you, and for that I apologize. My intention was to sit down and add a few thoughts of my own to your blog, because you so graciously asked me to be a part of it, and I flaked on it completely. So, this is my public apology to you. I am so sorry. The reason I feel so horrible is because I felt so special when you included me, and I ended up flaking on it. I love you, and I hope your anniversary was wonderful. *hug* I hope you accept the apology.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Birthday memories

Ok, since it's my birthday, (Yes, I AM the birthday princess k?) I decided to blog about some of my birthday memories from way back when. Some of my favorites starting from the younger years ;)

First one, when I was 12 I got to have my first girl/boy party! Or it might have been 13, sorry. I'm getting old so the memories are fuzzy :P Anyway I got this special outfit .... white and denim skirt and blouse set. I'm sure it was Express .... yup. It was at the Round Table on Keifer. And of course I spilled on the white of my outfit. :)

Fast forward .... quite a few years actually. My 18th birthday. All my friends decided to get together and throw a surprise party. Oh it was a surprise alright. They had me convinced everyone was too busy to celebrate my birthday with me! I was so bummed. Oh they fooled me alright. I show up at Crista's house, though I can't remember what the excuse was now, something trivial. I walk in, and there are the baloons, cake and all of my friends saying Happy Birthday. It was two days before the Senior Ball and my mom gave me a certificate for one night's stay in a suite for Prom. Hi, back then my Mom rocked on the coolness scale. I remember feeling so special and truly cared about then. You know how much your friends love you when they go through all of the trouble to keep the secret of a party from you.

Next memorable birthday ..... 21. Memorable because my Mom, again being somewhat cool takes me gambling and drinking LOL She gave me about $150.00 to gamble with and I went home with $350.00. I bought things for my new apartment. Oh, and first time drinking legally in the casinos too LOL

Ok final one ...... 29. 29 for me was pretty good. I was back home, with old friends ..... drunk as hell dancing in the club. It felt great to be back home. Stumbling down J Street was fun. I'm sure I was walking barefoot LOL My mom showing up at the bar and buying 2 rounds of drinks was great!

I'm going to insert something sad here, only because it's part of my birthday thoughts. This will be my first birthday without my Grammie. It's hard to think about for too long. My favorite thing was getting a card with her pretty cursive handwriting ...... "Happy Birthday Punkin I love you" As a tear drops on the keyboard I'm trying to remember that she isn't in any pain anymore. I miss her so much. None of my family knows I have thought this ... and I won't say it because I don't want to bring up something painful. *sigh* I miss you Grammie.

For the last one. 30. 29.2 I tried to say for a year. This one will surpass all the others as far as good memories go. I have a huge party planned, with all my friends and a keg. A party at my house where I can get hammered and not have to go anywhere but down the hall to my room is awesome. I am so very excited about it. Believe me, I'm sure I will blog about the deails. ;)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

29.2 .... I'm in denial

Ok, so my very first blog here will be about the undeniable fact that I am turning *cringe* 30. Tomorrow actually. Now the drunken partying that will happen because of said birthday I am looking forward to. The fact that I will be 30 scares the crap out of me. I am trying not to get all depressed, hence the big bash. Drinking, food, more drinking. Hell, let's face it, I am going to sloshed.

I keep getting teased that I will be 30. But girls, you are right behind me so neener neener neener. :P

I will remain young though because of my attitude. Why, when I was younger and thought 30 was old, I don't think I would have caught my Mom, or my friends' Moms bouncing in a bounce house after taking shots of Jager LOL I still act like a twenty-something and I think thats why no one ever guesses 30 when they guess my age. I love that. Keep carding me!

I love that I seem younger for my age. I think what keeps me young is the awesomely goofy inside jokes, secret looks and generally girl schoolish behavior I have with my BFF. One person actually said ... and I quote .... "You guys are seriously this goofy without alcohol?!?!" Heh I love it. So, actually I have to thank my BFFs, Sarah and Paloma. You girls actually keep me young. I say we rent a bounce house when it's nobody's birthday and party! What do ya say? ;)